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【YLTpacking】What are the main features of UV ink?

【YLTpacking】What are the main features of UV ink? Compared with other flexographic printing inks, UV inks have the following characteristics: 1. UV inks can be cured quickly after being irradiated with ultraviolet light, while UV inks on printing machines or printing plates will not be cured before being irradiated with ultraviolet light, That is, it does not dry on the machine, and it dries immediately after printing. Second, the drying device is simple, the energy consumption is low, the production efficiency is high, the drying speed is fast, and the subsequent processing can be carried out immediately after printing. 3. The curing process of UV ink is a photochemical reaction process, which is a process of changing from a linear structure to a network structure, so the printing ink layer has many advantages such as water resistance, alcohol resistance, wear resistance, and aging resistance. Not as good, the curing principle of UV ink also determines that it is very suitable for printing a large number of absorbent substrates. 4. No solvent volatilization, high imprinted solid content, small ink consumption, low comprehensive cost, the same flexo printing product, the amount of UV ink is less than 50% of that of ink, but due to the high ink concentration, it must be closed. At the same time, it is necessary to add a temperature adjustment system to adjust the viscosity of the ink. In order to prevent the thermal shrinkage of the printing material, a UV lamp cooling system is also required. 5. The UV ink has fine particles and high concentration, does not change its physical properties during printing, has no solvent volatilization, and has stable viscosity, so it has good printing suitability, high printing quality, not easy to paste, stacking, and can be printed with higher viscosity. The layer adheres firmly, the dot definition is high, the tone reproducibility is good, the ink color is bright, bright and uniform. Once the UV ink of a certain color is adjusted, only a small amount of adjustment and preparation time is required before printing, especially suitable for spot colors and large areas. Solid print. 6. Although UV ink has good stability, it will also change in high temperature and high humidity environment, and should be stored in an environment below 28 degrees. Seven, UV ink can not be mixed with general ink, thinner, cleaning agent must also use special or both. 8. A specific type of UV ink is not universal for all printing materials. When printing, it should be selected correctly according to different substrates and models, etc. through experiments.

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