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121 degree high temperature resistant aluminum foil bag quality requirements

High temperature aluminum foil bag is a kind of aluminum foil bag that can withstand high temperature cooking. Its quality requirements and usage matters are also as follows. The surface cleanliness of the high-temperature aluminum foil bag should be high, the surface should be free of oil and dust, and the surface tension should be high. When using a simple method, namely, distilled water, it should be fully soaked, and the surface tension should be above 72 mN/m. If the oil stain is serious, the composite fastness will be low, especially after high temperature cooking, the bad phenomenon of delamination and peeling will occur. Originally, aluminum foil should be a material with good barrier properties, but if there are pinholes, it will be greatly reduced. Gas, moisture, light will penetrate quickly and directly, and the contents will deteriorate quickly. In general, the thicker the foil, the fewer pinholes. When moisture and water resistance are required, aluminum foil bags are usually used. In fact, high-temperature aluminum foil bags can also be made into high-temperature aluminum foil cooking bags, so why aluminum foil bags can be used for high-temperature cooking. High temperature aluminum foil bags have good sealing performance and good barrier properties. Aluminum foil has fewer pinholes. However, if it has pinholes, its barrier properties will be greatly reduced, gas and light will penetrate directly and quickly, and the product will be deteriorated and damaged. The aluminum foil bag is food-safe, with high surface cleanliness, no oil stains and dust, and strong surface tension. A simple method is that distilled water should be fully moisturizing on the surface of the aluminum foil bag. If the surface of the aluminum foil is seriously oily, it will affect the composite fastness of the aluminum foil and other materials, especially after the packaging bag is cooked at high temperature, delamination and peeling will occur. High temperature aluminum foil bags are soft, easy to crack, and have good resistance. Aluminum foil should be stored in a dry state, and should not be stored for too long. It should be used as soon as possible to avoid moisture absorption and oxidation of aluminum foil.

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