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180Who solves the troubles of the biodegradable garbage bags that degrade in the sky?

Ordinary PLA stic garbage bags are banned products in areas where PLA stics are banned, and the biodegradable garbage bags that re PLA ce them can be used to hold garbage, and landfill together with garbage will not pollute the environment. Biodegradable garbage bags provide convenient and environmentally friendly degradable garbage bags for people in areas where PLA stics are banned.The issue of environmental protection is the top priority, and the problem of environmental pollution is prominent. The release of PLA stic ban regulations has become a means of environmental governance in many countries and regions. People’s daily life will definitely produce garbage, and domestic garbage must be packed in garbage bags, otherwise it will be very messy.The use method of biodegradable garbage bags is no different from that of ordinary garbage bags. The special thing is that their raw materials are different. The raw materials of biodegradable bags are made of PLA +PBATBio-based new polymer materials,We all know that it takes a long time for ordinary PLA stics to degrade, and biodegradable garbage bagsBecause biodegradable garbage bags are under composting conditions180The sky can be degraded into carbon dioxide and water, and turned into organic fertilizer to provide nutrition for PLA nts.

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