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8 solutions to the anti-stick problem of packaging bag printing

Anti-stick phenomenon 1: The temperature resistance and formulation of the resin of the ink itself, it will make the printed product under a certain pressure, and the temperature will reach or exceed the temperature resistance limit of the ink resin. If the printed products are stacked too high in the warehouse, anti-sticking and discoloration will also occur, especially in the rainy season. Flexible packaging enterprises should strengthen the transportation and ventilation of the warehouse, and try to avoid the phenomenon of high temperature. Secondly, suggestions for improvement can be put forward to the ink supplier. Ink suppliers can adjust according to printing equipment. [Packaging bag printing] Anti-stick phenomenon 2: Appears after printing and winding. When the second process is carried out, such as compounding or bag making or slitting, it is found that there is anti-sticking phenomenon. This kind of anti-sticking is basically more serious, and some slight ones can be cleaned up after compounding. Reasons for anti-sticking 1. The tension is too tight when winding. 2. Ink drying is incomplete. 3. The mixed solvent is impure, especially ethyl ester, ethanol, etc. 4. The ratio of the solvent is not suitable for the speed and drying temperature of the printing equipment. 5. The temperature control of the printing and drying equipment is unstable or the intake and exhaust air do not match. 6. Design of printing layout. 7. Placement of products after printing. Solution 1. The workshop should adjust the appropriate winding tension according to different printing materials, and make relevant data records. The best tension for getting off the machine is moderate softness and hardness by hand. In particular, the transparent ink should not be pressed with a rewinding roller. 2. Select inks with better drying properties, pay attention to communication with ink suppliers, the product structure of the enterprise and the requirements for inks. If there is excess color group printing film, there can be more than a few, and use cold air to deal with it. 3. The purity of the solvent should be tested for each batch, and specific requirements should be put forward for the supplier of the solvent. And the storage and extraction of solvents should be careful not to operate in wet areas. A cool, ventilated storage area is the best storage location. 4. The ratio of solvent should pay attention to its solubility and volatilization speed, and pay attention to matching the resin type of the ink itself. Pay attention to the viscosity of the ink, the thickness of the ink layer also has a certain influence on the anti-sticking. 5. Pay attention to check whether the drying temperature of the printing equipment is normal and stable, especially whether the air volume of the intake and exhaust air is matched. 6. In the design of the layout, it is better not to overprint the ink lines too much, and then pay attention to the drying of the metal ink and the control of the ink viscosity. 7. The printed products should not be stacked horizontally, and can be placed in a hanging or vertical way. 8. The color on the surface of the bag that has been stacked or the packaged item is transfer to the back of another bag (with or without printing), this phenomenon only occurs in purple or very few colors. This is usually related to the storage environment and the performance of the ink itself. The main reason for it is color penetration, that is to say, after printing with this color ink, the printed product is under a certain time, under pressure or under other special circumstances, such as PE bags for packaging clothing (with surface printing ink for printing). printed inside) will soon see infiltration. In terms of these products, flexible packaging companies should fully understand the packaging forms and requirements of the products, select appropriate inks for trial production, and confirm the inks that meet the product requirements before mass production, which can effectively uce the occurrence of quality problems such as anti-sticking, uce loss. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags

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