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A Brief History of Biodegradable PLA stics

1902year10moon twenty fourThe Austrian scientist Marx·Shushny invented the PLA stic bag, which was light and strong. It was a technological revolution at the time, and people felt relaxed when they went out to shop.The emergence of PLA stic bags has greatly facilitated the daily life of the people, but the harm caused by PLA stics is ubiquitous and can be seen everywhere. At present, the United Nations believes that the biggest source of pollution is all kinds of discarded PLA stic products.In order to control pollution, human beings have never stopped. Degradable PLA stics are also emerging as the times require. In fact, as early as BC 1500In 1999, some people used natural rubber to make waterproof containers and waterproof clothes, which was also the earliest prototype of degradable PLA stics.In the 1990s, degradable PLA stics entered a stage of rapid development, 1997In 1999, Dow formed a joint venture between Cargill and Dow to produce corn bio PLA stics, which was established in2001year to start production PLA . 2010year of frenchAl’gopackcompany, the first bio PLA stics company to use seaweed as biomass. Algae bio PLA stic in soil 12week and water5Biodegradation can be completed within hours. 2018Scientists in Finland managed to reinforce the PLA ,Make PLA Got an upgrade.After entering the market development stage, research and development are mainly carried out by various factories, combined with continuous improvement of technology, the biodegradable bags currently on the market can basically re PLA ce ordinary PLA stic bags. After years of continuous development, it is finally time to bear fruit.

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