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A simple way to identify whether food packaging bags are toxic or not

1. Water detection method: Put the plastic bag into the water. After the non-toxic plastic bag is put into the water, it can surface to the surface. After the toxic plastic bag is put into the water, it will sink to the bottom. 2. Fire detection method: you can cut off one side of the plastic bag and burn it with fire. The poisonous one is not easy to burn, and the non-toxic one is easy to burn in case of fire. 3. Slap detection method: Grab one end of the plastic bag with your hand and slap it hard. If it makes a crisp sound, it is non-toxic, and vice versa. 4. Hand touch detection method: touch the plastic bag with your hand, the hand feels smooth and non-toxic, otherwise it is poisonous. For more packaging bag knowledge,

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