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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Flat bottom zipper bag?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Flat bottom zipper bag?

Flat bottom zipper bag advantages

Flat bottom zipper bag itself of the nature of the superior, lie between water gas insulation performance is good, in the packaging professional, wide range of USES, can be packaged food, grains, such as powder form different products, can also be packaging of electronic products.Can be useful for perishable goods metamorphosis extend their shelf life and storage life.Light color bags quality, covers an area of less, in the process of transporting and storing can be useful to save space, reduce the cost.Color bags, both to do sell packaging, transport packaging can also measure the size of large, widely applicable, easy processing, and compared with other packaging materials, color printing packing bags of raw material and production cost is low.

 Flat bottom zipper bag
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Flat bottom zipper bag shortcomings

Flat bottom zipper bagmainly customized processing, no spot, only under the order, not suitable for the customer delivery time is very tight.Surely is the minimum quantity of an order, not suitable for small Numbers of customers. Wing luen Thai by providing more one-stop value-added services to win customers, to stand in the position to help clients understand the market.Prepress technology design through the enterprise strength, help customers to choose the optimal product design scheme, help customers improve product quality, save cost, and realize the customer benefit maximization, so as to become your fixed customers.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Flat bottom zipper bag?

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