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Advantages and disadvantages of kraft paper bags

Kraft paper materials are often seen in our daily life and are closely related to our lives. For example, there are melon seed bags, dried fruit bags, coffee bags and so on. Because of the prevalence of “anti-plastic wind”, kraft paper bags have become the first choice for enterprises, and many international and domestic big brands have also begun to use kraft paper bags for packaging. What are the reasons why kraft paper is favored by dealers? 1. Advantages of kraft paper bags: 1. The most important thing is that kraft paper bags have strong environmental protection performance. With the rise of environmental protection, kraft paper is non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting and recyclable, which has led to a sharp increase in its market competitiveness. 2. The printing performance of the kraft paper bag is strong. Kraft paper itself has color, and it does not need full-page printing during printing. It only needs to buy foreign exchange and send out a group to produce a beautiful feeling and the effect is outstanding. This not only reduces printing costs, but also reduces costs and printing cycles. 3. Has superior processing performance. Compared with shrink film, kraft paper has better listening and reading performance, and has certain cushioning performance and anti-drop performance. Second, the disadvantages of kraft paper bags: 1. If you want to print rich and delicate patterns, kraft paper bags cannot achieve that effect. Because the surface of the kraft paper is relatively rough, there will be uneven ink when the ink is printed on the surface of the kraft paper. Therefore, compared with plastic packaging bags, the printing patterns of plastic packaging bags are relatively delicate. 2. The main disadvantage of kraft paper bags is that they cannot encounter water. The kraft paper that encounters water is softened, and the entire kraft paper bag is softened by water. The place where the bag is stored should be kept ventilated and dry, and plastic bags have this problem. Therefore, YLTpacking believes that if the items packaged in the bag are liquid, the packaging material should not be made of kraft paper. Of course, if kraft paper must be used, a composite film made of kraft paper should also be used to avoid the kraft paper coming into contact with liquid. It is precisely because of the obvious advantages and disadvantages of kraft paper bags that dealers are keen to use kraft paper bags. YLTpacking Packaging Products Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the packaging industry for more than 17 years and has rich experience in packaging and printing. We are willing to serve you wholeheartedly.


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