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Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum bags using composite technology!

Composite vacuum bag refers to the composite of two or more films with different barrier properties through a certain process. In this way, the permeable molecules have to pass through several layers of membranes to reach the interior of the package, which is equivalent to prolonging the permeation path, thereby improving the barrier performance. The method is a composite film with excellent comprehensive properties prepared by synthesizing the advantages of various films, and the process is simple. However, compared with the intrinsic high-barrier material, the film prepared by this method is thicker, and is prone to problems such as bubbles or cracks that affect the barrier performance, and the equipment requirements are relatively complex and the cost is high. Composite vacuum bags are commonly used in the packaging of solids and powders. When the heavier contents are subjected to an instantaneous impact (such as falling), there is a higher requirement for the sealing strength. Considering the material structure, simply increasing the tensile strength does not solve the problem, the material tear strength seems to improve the impact strength more significantly. [plastic bag] [aluminum foil bag] food bag, food packaging bag

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