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Advantages and disadvantages of zipper bag dry lamination

(1)The choice of zipper bag substrates is wide, and almost all sheets can use different adhesives to produce multi-layer packaging products, such as paper, metal foil, cellophane, various rubber and rubber films, non-woven agents and cloth. It can be used as the base material for dry compounding of zipper bags. (2).The zipper bag has high composite strength, and the peel strength between layers can be as high as9.8N/15MM,The peel strength of the retort pouch is higher. (3).The zipper bag compound is fast and can reach150-250m/min (4).The zipper bag has good dry composite printing performance, and the ink will not be worn or faded when sandwiched between two layers of substrates, with good hygiene and good gloss. (4).The dry lamination of zipper bags requires a large amount of glue, so the cost is high (5).Due to the residual toxicity of the ink in the dry compounding of the zipper bag and the residual toxicity of the adhesive, the total residual toxicity is relatively large, and the environmental pollution is also relatively large, so the environmental protection requirements cannot be applied.

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