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Advantages and options of fully biodegradable garbage bags

The fully biodegradable garbage bag is designed with a suspender-type garbage bag, which is better than ordinary garbage bags. Biodegradable packaging bags are easily generated after non-degradable raw material waste”plastic trash”, The solution of this insoluble material has created a great technological problem and also promoted the development trend of biodegradable raw materials. Biodegradable raw materials can be dissolved by microbial strains into raw materials of low molecular structure organic compounds under moderate and interpretable geographical environmental standards. Biodegradable porcelain and biodegradable plastic two categories. The earrings on the sides help you keep taking out waste. The break point of the degradable garbage bag is clear, clean and tidy, easy to tear, temperature-controlled sealing, well-proportioned for cold protection and warmth, and is not easy to break. Biodegradable trash bags are high-aspect ratio extensible and durable enough to tear open and hard to shred. Biodegradable garbage bags are non-specific, such as uniform tolerance, large volume, strong carrying capacity, firmer shell, and not easy to leak, and are suitable for similar trash cans.The selection of product quality and thickness of degradable garbage bags is very critical. It is often encountered that the thicker and higher the garbage bags selected by customers. However, after further analyzing the situation of customers using garbage bags, it is found that some garbage bags do not necessarily need to be thick. If it is a general daily household waste disposal, there are paper scraps and no other sharp objects, just select the general daily life and apply it to a few thin packs to be able to use. If it is used in restaurants, hotel rooms and other areas, when there are some sharp objects or liquids in it, thickened packaging bags should be used to prevent sharp objects from puncturing the garbage bag and causing consumption.When choosing a degradable trash bag, pay attention to the size of the trash can. If the trash can is very large and the packaging bag is not large, it will seriously jeopardize the application of the packaging bag. On the other hand, if the amount is large, it will causeThe cost of bags. Some stores feel that the outer packaging box of degradable garbage bags should be good-looking, in order to impress customers that the purchase is irrational, and then ignore the practical significance of garbage bags. If only the packaging is good, but the quality of the garbage bags is not very good, then in the process of selection and application, we all feel that the packaging does not conform to the product, which will seriously damage the sales volume. In addition, if you want to make a good-looking degradable garbage bag outer packaging box, the product cost will generally increase. Many outer packaging boxes are all handmade, and increasing labor costs will also increase the cost of bags. Therefore, a lot of consideration should be given to the practical application of degradable garbage bags, followed by the outer packaging box of the garbage bags.

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