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Advantages of aluminum foil vacuum packaging bags in packaging products

There are many packaging bags used in life, but all goods will have packaging, and all packaging will need to be printed. [Packaging bag printing] The types of packaging bags in life include gusset packaging bags, side sealing packaging bags, middle sealing packaging bags, and yin and yang packaging bags. The film products used are also divided into PET film, NY film, AL film, PE film and CPP film. PET: good printing effect; NY: low oxygen permeability; AL: strong barrier property, opaque to light; PE: inner layer of ordinary packaging; CPP: inner layer of high temperature cooking; features: strong air barrier, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture-proof, Strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, puncture resistance, high temperature resistance (121 degrees), low temperature resistance (-15 degrees), oil resistance, good fragrance retention, non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food and drug packaging hygiene standards. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags are generally as long as regular manufacturers, as long as they meet the hygienic standards for food and drug packaging, and have long been satisfied with the quality requirements of plastic flexible packaging in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, mechanical and electronic industries. Generally speaking, it is the personalization of innovative brand packaging, which not only has a strong publicity effect, but also can show the image of the company. However, with the progress of printing technology, the processing on aluminum foil bags is diversified, and the appearance is more arbitrary. , It also caters to fashion, and the personalized packaging that closely follows the development of the times also satisfies the hearts of young people’s consumption. At the same time, printing is not only one of the most important decoration processing of product packaging, but also plays a very important role in anti-counterfeiting for some businesses. Therefore, the current prospect of printing aluminum foil bags is good. . [Vacuum bag]

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