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Advantages of composite packaging bags

1. The advantage of high strength: Due to the different characteristics of the composite material compared to the single-layer blown film material, the inner film of the composite packaging bag has strong puncture resistance and tear resistance. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags 2. The composite bag can be made into a packaging bag suitable for high temperature sterilization and low temperature refrigeration according to different material combinations. 3. The composite bag has good ink adhesion. The printed bag has a beautiful appearance and can better reflect the value of the product. 4. Good barrier properties and safety, with the characteristics of sealing and keeping fragrance and air leakage, it is not easy to be affected by moisture and bacterial contamination due to air tightness problems. , has strong shading, liquid products and other products will not be deteriorated due to lighting problems, composite bags can be filled with nitrogen to preserve products, especially in crispy food packaging is very widely used. Six, composite bags have mature production technology, production cost It is widely used in the market and has a variety of bag types, such as three-side sealing, back-sealing bags, four-side sealing, and eight-side sealing. Seven, high transparency, with various bag types, can provide a strong visual impact for product sales, more intuitive expression of the characteristics of the product itself, which is conducive to product sales. 8. The composite bag has high stretch resistance and high air tightness, which can be used for vacuum packaging and prolong the storage time of the product. The core of the composite packaging bag is the chemical and physical properties of the single-layer film. The product can be matched with different materials according to the usage scenario, which can supplement the advantages and disadvantages of each film and improve the functionality and scope of use. Due to its stable chemical properties and high air tightness, barrier properties and safety, composite packaging bags are often widely used in food packaging, daily necessities packaging, cosmetic packaging, chemical product packaging and other industries.


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