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Advantages of environment-friendly plastic bags

Because ordinary plastic bags cause great pollution to our environment, since 2010, the relevant national departments have strictly regulated plastic bag shopping malls and vigorously promoted environmental protection plastic bags. This action not only benefits the whole mankind, but also facilitates the life of citizens. Not only that, but environmental plastic bags also have the following five advantages: First, white plastic bags that can completely dissolve into water and float all over the sky were once called white pollution, and now many manufacturers have begun to promote the production and development of environmental plastic bags. This kind of plastic bags can quickly dissolve in water, non-toxic and without special smell, so the safety is very high. Even if they are dropped on the roads in the fields, they will not pollute the land. Secondly, compared with ordinary plastic bags, environment-friendly plastic bags have good extensibility, flexibility and contagion, so they are more stable in use. A common plastic bag has a life span of several hours. In addition to being recyclable, environment-friendly plastic bags also have a long service life, reducing the number of times people purchase plastic bags, and then maintaining the environment and saving capital. Third, the glossiness is good, bright and airtight, which can ensure the freshness of the food in a short time. The permeability of the environment-friendly plastic bag is very poor, almost airtight, so it can prevent bacteria from breeding in the air, and then maintain the freshness of the food. The bright glossiness is high, which provides convenience for food storage. Fourth, the application scope of environment-friendly plastic bags is wider. Although general plastic bags can also be used in many aspects, compared with environment-friendly plastic bags, the application scope of general plastic bags is still small. According to the person in charge of the plastic bag manufacturer, the environment-friendly plastic bag can not only be used to store general items, but also can be used to store food. It is safe and non-toxic, which is impossible for ordinary plastic bags to do. Fifth, anti-static, excellent function, and non vacuum environmental protection plastic bags’ maintenance of the environment has gone beyond people’s imagination. In addition, its environmental protection function is good in the process of application, and non vacuum can be anti-static, so it has more personality. Many enterprises actively customize environment-friendly plastic bags to adapt to the national slogan of environmental protection and pollution reduction, and then save a lot of capital.

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