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Aluminum foil bag, tin foil bag

Aluminum foil bag: refers to the bag made of aluminum foil and other plastic films. Generally, there are two types of plastic films, CPP and PE. The difference is that the common aluminum foil bag material uses AL+PE, which has stable chemical properties, high barrier and non-toxicity. Odorless, commonly used packaging includes mask bags and snack food packaging. AL+CPP is used for cooking grade materials. Because CPP has higher stiffness than PE, and has excellent moisture and odor barrier properties, it can not decompose under high temperature and will not break the bag, so it is often used in the packaging of ready-to-eat meat products and vegetarian food. Aluminum foil bags are often used in food packaging, daily necessities packaging, cosmetic packaging, chemical product packaging and other tin foil bags because of their strong shading, non-toxic, tasteless, and high barrier properties. Its main components are tin and aluminum, which are alloys of tin and aluminum. , has a good finish and heat reflectivity, thermal conductivity is the best one, when grilling, you can often see the role of tin foil, wrapped in the outer layer of the food, not only make the food cooked quickly but also keep the aroma evenly when heated Rich, not easy to get cold, and greatly enhance the taste of food. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags

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