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Analysis of anti-static packaging bags

Anti-static packaging bags are also called electromagnetic shielding packaging bags. To shield plastic from electromagnetic waves, it is necessary to metallize the plastic and use a material called an antistatic agent. Shielding electromagnetic waves here does not mean completely shielding electromagnetic waves like a metal plate, but only reducing the damage of electromagnetic waves. Antistatic agents can be divided into external coating type and internal additive type according to the method of use.Anti-static plastic bags are suitable forPCB,icTransportation and packaging of electrostatic sensitive high-tech electronic products. It not only has all the antistatic properties of antistatic packaging bags, but also shieldsESDElectrostatic discharge and external electromagnetic radiation from outside personnel and equipment. It has excellent anti-static, anti-RF, Anti-steam penetration and anti-salt spray functions.The unique four-layer structure of the anti-static plastic packaging bag can form an induction covering effect to protect the contents of the packaging bag from the electrostatic field. The other layer is composed of vinyl inside, which can eliminate static electricity and has excellent anti-static function.The inner and outer layers of the anti-static shielding material are made of transparent anti-static material with a translucent conductive metal layer in the middle. arrive. It can be made into flat bags, zipper bags, organ bags, three-dimensional bags, etc. Widely used in the packaging of electrostatic sensitive electronic products such as computer motherboards, sound cards, and video cards.Anti-static packaging bags, made ofPEThe material and anti-static material are mixed blown film, which has good anti-static effect, and the material body is relatively soft, and will not scratch electronic products. You can choose the color of the anti-static packaging bag when ordering to achieve a better marketing effect. .

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