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Analysis of common food packaging bags

This article mainly explains the application layer distribution of common food packaging bags. There are many types of special food packaging bags such as composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, and plastic packaging bags: 1. Such as rice packaging bags, millet packaging bags, seed packaging bags, and pet grain packaging bags. If it exceeds 2kg, BOPA/PE or PET/BOPA/PE, BOPA has strong stretch resistance, high oxygen resistance, and soft texture. 2. High-temperature cooking packaging bags: including braised egg packaging bags, roast chicken inner packaging bags, roast duck inner packaging bags, roast pigeon inner packaging bags, chicken drum inner packaging bags and other cooked food inner packaging bags, mostly BOPA/RCPP are used, because BOPA and RCPP has high temperature resistance, and there is no problem in the high temperature of 121 degrees and 30 minutes, and the high temperature of 131 degrees and 30 minutes. Some customers also use BOPA/AL/RCPP to reflect the grade of packaging products. The thickness of the food plastic packaging bag must reach a certain level to ensure the taste of the food, which is related to its material and its sealing performance. The thickness of plastic bags used for food packaging must reach a certain level, otherwise the packaging task cannot be completed.

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