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Analysis of common materials for vacuum packaging bags

There are many kinds of packaging materials with different performances. Therefore, only by understanding the packaging performance of various packaging materials and containers can we choose products that can not only protect the flavor and quality of food, but also reflect its commodity value and make comprehensive Packaging materials with reasonable cost. For example, high temperature sterilized food should be packaged with high temperature resistant packaging materials, while low temperature refrigerated food should be packaged with low temperature resistant materials. [Packaging bag printing] The performance of food vacuum packaging bag materials directly affects the storage life of food and changes in taste. In vacuum packaging, the selection of good packaging materials is the key to the success of packaging. Composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags Since it comes to vacuum packaging materials, it is essential to classify the materials. The following are the characteristics of materials suitable for vacuum packaging: 1. Among them, PE is suitable for low temperature use, and RCPP is suitable for high temperature use. 2. PA is to increase physical strength and puncture resistance; 3. AL aluminum foil is to increase barrier performance and shading; 4. PET, to increase mechanical strength and excellent stiffness. Then according to the needs, combinations, various properties, there are also transparent ones, in order to increase the barrier properties, the water-resistant PVA high-barrier coating is used.

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