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Analysis of Food Packaging Bag Materials – Packaging Bag Printing

Plastic packaging used for food must have appropriate barrier properties. For example, oily food requires high oxygen and oil resistance, dry food requires high moisture resistance, and aromatic food requires high odor resistance; fruit and vegetable fresh food also requires packaging. There is a certain air permeability of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. [Packaging bag printing] Therefore, food packaging bags must also have good mechanical properties, mainly including the tensile strength of the material, tear resistance, impact resistance, etc.; have good chemical stability, and should not have any problems with the food inside. Chemical reactions to ensure food safety. In addition, plastic food packaging must have high temperature resistance, which is suitable for high temperature disinfection and low temperature storage of food. Therefore, the rapidly developing food industry has put forward new issues to the chemical industry, especially the food plastic products industry. This is to improve the performance of existing plastics and develop new types of vacuum bags, which can improve their strength and barrier properties, and uce the amount of use. food bags, food packaging bags

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