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Analysis of Ink Conditions for Packaging Bag Printing

1. The color matching of food packaging bag printing ink should be the same as the ink produced by the ink factory as much as possible. Sets the color saturation of the ink to be higher than the color saturation of both inks. 2. When matching colors, the depth will change. The color layer version of plastic packaging printing uses dot area size to indicate the depth of ink color or the thickness of ink layer to solve this problem. If you want to use black ink to adjust the depth of the ink color, it will affect the brightness and solid color of the ink. 3. The types of inks should be reduced as much as possible, because the more types of color matching inks, the higher the decolorization rate, which will reduce the transparency and saturation of color matching, so do not use two color matching when using one color matching. 4. When mixing light-colored ink, white ink should be the main color ink, and a small amount of primary color ink should be added. 5. When printing food bag packaging materials, in order to obtain light-colored ink and maintain the required viscosity of the ink, thinner should be used, do not use as much thinner as possible. Because plastic does not absorb solvents easily. 6. Inks from different manufacturers, different types and varieties cannot be mixed, otherwise it will affect the printing gloss and fastness after mixing food bags, and may even cause ink gelation. The above is all about the “analysis of ink conditions for packaging bag printing”.

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