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Analysis of the acronyms of packaging bags

Dealing with packaging bags every day, opening and closing the mouth is biaxially oriented polypropylene film and polypropylene film, which are long and difficult to remember. For laymen, it is simply a fairy communication, so for the convenience of communication, I would like to share these abbreviations with you here. word. 1. AL aluminum foil BOPA (NY) biaxially oriented polyamide film, referred to as nylon BOPET (PET) biaxially oriented polyester film BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene film CPP cast polypropylene film EAA ethylene-acrylic plastic EEAK ethylene-acrylic acid Ester plastic EMA ethylene-methacrylic acid plastic EVAC ethylene-vinyl acetate plastic IONOMER ionic copolymer PE polyethylene (collectively, can include LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE, HDPE, changed surname PE, etc.) HDPE high-density polyethylene LDPE low-density polyethylene Ethylene LLDPE Linear Low Density Polyethylene MDPE Medium Density Polyethylene MLLDPE Metallocene Linear Low Density Polyethylene PO Polyolefin PT Cellophane 2. Composite symbol “/”, compound methods include: – dry composite drylamination symbol “/dr.” ; Dry lamination means that after the glue is applied, the solvent in the glue solution is fully dried by heating and exhausting, and then the lamination is carried out in a “dry” state. ——Solvent free lamination symbol “/sf.”; Solvent free lamination is a method of laminating two substrates together on a solvent free lamination machine using a 100% solid solvent-free adhesive, also known as Reactive Composite. ——Wet lamination wetlamination symbol “/wt.”; wet lamination is after the first layer of substrate is glued, without an oven, and then the two materials are compounded together. ——extrusion lamination symbol “/ex.”; Extrusion lamination, also known as salivation lamination, melts thermoplastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene in an extrusion lamination machine, and flows out uniformly in the form of a film from the flat head. It is continuously coated on the base material, pressed by pressing rollers and cooled by cooling rollers to form a composite film with two or more layers. ——Co-extrusion composite co-extrusionlamination symbol “/co.”; Co-extrusion composite method is a process in which two or more extruders share a composite die to produce a multi-layer composite film. The above is all about the “analysis of acronyms for packaging bags”.

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