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Analysis of the common bag types of food packaging bags

We all know that the packaging bags used to pack food are usually called food packaging bags. That being the case, what are the common bag types of food packaging bags? Shenzhen yltpacking will tell you about these bag types. The first is a three-side-sealed food packaging bag, which is also the most common type of packaging bag; the second is a self-supporting food packaging bag, which can stand on the shelf by itself. The rendering effect is very good; the third is the food packaging bag with middle seal, the bag shape of the middle seal bag is square and has a three-dimensional effect, compared with the three-side seal food packaging bag, it has a larger storage capacity, and the appearance pattern design It is also very beautiful; the fourth type is the eight-side-sealed food packaging bag, the eight-side-sealed food packaging bag type. It is developed from the basic theory of self-supporting packaging bags. The bottom of the bag is square and square, and it can stand upright. The effect of shelf display is particularly beautiful; Shipping and storage. The preferred bag type when it is necessary to pack liquid and powder products; the sixth is special-shaped food packaging bags, which are plastic packaging products with unique appearance designs made according to the special requirements of users. These six types of packaging bags are the most common. Different bag types have different characteristics. When selecting food packaging bag types, users should formulate different packaging bag types suitable for the product according to their own needs.

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