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Analysis of the hazards of disposable packaging bags

In our daily life, sometimes for convenience, disposable plastic packaging bags and disposable plastic lunch boxes are used. Maybe, you only know that this will affect our environment, but in fact it is still endangering our health!According to research by scientists, if plastic packaging bags are buried in the soil, it will take about200Years to rot, during this period, the soil environment will be seriously polluted, and the soil environment will be seriously out of balance. However, if incineration is used, a large amount of toxic gas and smoke will be produced, which will seriously pollute the air and biological life.The so-called environmentally friendly plastic bags are not really environmentally friendly at present. They are actually compostable plastic bags. Their principle is to add some additives in the production process of plastic bags. Plastic bags can decompose by themselves after use. However, the small plastic bag particles that decompose do not rot at all. They just continue to exist in the form of small particles, thereby polluting the environment.Plastic packaging bags are not easy to decompose and rot, and can only exist independently in the soil. If they are buried in the soil, they cannot be integrated with the soil. Due to its impermeable nature, water and heat in the soil are prevented from passing up and down, resulting in a large loss of nutrient water in the soil, and organisms in the soil cannot obtain enough nutrient water.During the processing of disposable plastic bags, various additives will be added, and some even need to be printed. Some of these additives or dyes contain toxic substances that can leach into the food over time, causing poisoning.

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