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Analysis of the material and proper characteristics of puffed food packaging bags

When it comes to puffed food, people will immediately think of potato chips, shrimp crackers, etc. Both adults and children like to eat puffed food in their free time. There are many kinds of puffed food, including baking, frying, direct extrusion and so on. Below, Shenzhen yltpacking will share with you the materials and properties of puffed food packaging bags. 1. The material of puffed food packaging bags should be non-toxic and harmless materials, and materials harmful to human body such as polyvinyl chloride and synthetic plastics should be avoided! The ink should be environmentally friendly ink. 2. Puffed food packaging bags should have good moisture resistance, which is to reduce the moisture permeability of the packaging. 3. Gas-barrier property, protecting easily oxidized ingredients in puffed food. 4. Light blocking, light can oxidize and degrade fatty acids, pigments, vitamins, etc. Thereby reducing the nutritional value of food. 5. The tensile strength, elongation at break, impact strength and tear strength of the material. 6. Oil resistance, prevent oil oxidation and overflow.

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