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Analysis on the problem of volatile poisonous gas in plastic packaging bags

The emergence of new technologies has brought tremendous changes to the current plastic packaging bag industry. Some seemingly insurmountable problems in the past have now become easy with the addition of these new technologies, thus solving the concerns of more companies. Today, Shenzhen yltpacking will introduce to you the problem of toxic gas volatilization of plastic packaging bags under high temperature combustion. Bags made of traditional materials are not biodegradable because they contain many mixed substances. Therefore, even though people usually choose high-temperature combustion to destroy plastic packaging bags, plastic packaging bags will also leave residues. In addition, a large number of experiments have proved that in the process of burning a large number of plastic packaging bags, more toxic gases will be emitted into the air. These gases have a pungent smell and are harmful to human health, so it is difficult to diffuse into the air in a short time. In order to overcome the problems in the combustion process, under the new technology, through the improvement of the raw materials of the packaging bags, plastic packaging bag manufacturers began to further improve the purification ability of the packaging bags in the natural environment through the transformation process. At the same time, the purity of the plastic product is improved, and when the plastic product is burned, no toxic gas harmful to the atmosphere will be produced. At present, this technology has gradually become popular, and now we have seen some new plastic packaging bag products, which are flammable and non-volatile, and bring more convenience to people’s lives. I believe this product will be promoted in the market in the future as a substitute for traditional materials.

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