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Analysis on the Safety Problems of Plastic Packaging Bags

Regarding the safety of plastic packaging bags, Shenzhen yltpacking is here to analyze with you how to make plastic packaging bags safe! 1. Alcohol cannot be packed in plastic bags. Alcoholic food and oily food will dissolve the lead in the PVC plastic packaging bag into the food. Such plastic packaging bags cannot hold food with a temperature exceeding 50 degrees. 2. Do not use ultra-thin plastic bags. Ultra-thin plastic packaging bags are light in weight and thin in thickness, but have a strong carrying capacity. This is because plastic packaging bag manufacturers add plasticizers in the production process, which are extremely harmful to human health. National laws and regulations have also prohibited the production and sale of ultra-thin plastic packaging bags. 3. It is best not to use plastic packaging bags to hold cooked food. Cooked food in plastic packaging bags often leads to food spoilage. After eating, it is very likely to cause food poisoning symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. Finally, the plastic packaging bag itself will also release harmful extracts, which will accumulate in a sealed environment for a long time, and the concentration will increase with time, thereby contaminating the food in the packaging bag and affecting human health, especially healthy development of children.

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