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Analysis on the Secret of Moisture-proof Aluminum Foil Packaging Bags

Moisture-proof aluminum foil bags have incomparable performance with many other packaging bags, and their puncture resistance, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance and barrier properties are very good. Today, yltpacking will discuss with you the secret of moisture-proof aluminum foil packaging bags: The raw material of aluminum foil packaging bags is usually PET/AL/NY/PE, and the thickness ratio is 12:7:15:60, which can ensure that the oxygen permeability at room temperature is 0. Since oxygen is impermeable, let alone water vapour, it makes sense that it would be moisture resistant. Due to its excellent barrier properties, it can be effectively applied to food packaging that requires long-term storage. Common are the vacuum foil bags used for many cooked meat products. In addition, there is aluminum vapor deposition. Its raw material is usually PET/steamed aluminum/PE, and the material thickness ratio is 12:600:60. The oxygen permeability of this packaging bag is second only to the aluminum foil packaging bag, and it is also an optional packaging type for products that do not have very strict moisture-proof requirements. All in all, the performance of the packaging bag is closely related to the material it uses, and knowing the performance of the material can well determine the performance of the packaging bag.

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