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Anti-static packaging bag production process

Using conductive fillers to produce anti-static packaging bags, carbon black systems are widely used in filled anti-static packaging plastics, filled with anti-static materials.This is also an industrial method of obtaining anti-static plastic bags. For example, the polyvinyl alcohol protective film produced with low resistance polyvinyl alcohol resin as the main body is a kind of antistatic plastic bag with good performance.It is coated on the surface of polymer materials for the production of anti-static plastic bags. The manufacturing process of the coated antistatic soft plastic material is to make conductive materials such as metal systems, metal oxide systems, and conductive carbon systems into conductive coatings to form a cured static dissipative layer.Then grafted onto polyethylene or polypropylene. Electron beams and lasers are used to process polymer materials to produce anti-static plastic bags through surface modification. For example, in recent years throughPRadiation treated acrylic or methacrylic. An excellent antistatic function can also be obtained.Such as physical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition, chemical vapor deposition and other processes, as well as coated anti-static plastic bags produced by vapor deposition technology. A conductive metal coating is formed on the outer surface of the polymer material, which can also be used to produce anti-static plastic bags.For protective films filled with conductive fillers, antistatic agent-type antistatic plastic bags are usually used on both outer surfaces. Composite anti-static plastic bags have been widely used as packaging bags(container)Its structural characteristics are usually3-4A shield is sandwiched between them. These shielding layers are mainly metallized protective films.


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