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Antistatic agent for plastic packaging bags

The gas characteristics of plastic packaging bags are excellent, but their disadvantages are that the static electricity in the process of processing and use has reached the degree of obstruction in the voltage and capacitance, or the dust is mixed into the products due to the dust collection effect of static electricity, which reduces the value of the mouth. Commonly used polystyrene, polyethylene, polyethylene and other plastic products have this disadvantage. In order to eliminate this phenomenon, antistatic agent is used, whose fundamental function is to give conductivity, that is, to arrange and form continuous phases on the plastic surface, so as to improve the surface conductivity, make the charged plastic discharge rapidly, and prevent the accumulation of static electricity. Common antistatic agents include amine derivatives, quaternary ammonium salts, phosphate esters, polyethylene glycol esters, etc. The use of antistatic agent is generally less than 1%. In addition to the above components, sometimes according to the special use, colorants, foaming agents, anti adhesion agents, toughening agents (impact resistance strengthening agents), etc. are added to the plastic components. As mentioned above, the plastics we usually refer to are composed of synthetic resin, additives and other components. The formula reflects the proportion relationship between various additives and resin. It is formulated according to the purpose, required performance and molding requirements of the product, combined with the characteristics and sources of various components. A reasonable formula can not only improve the processing conditions, but also produce high-quality products at a lower cost. Therefore, the formula can be continuously improved and improved only after repeated practice.

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