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Appearance control method of aluminized film during compounding

In the production process of aluminized film, there will be many technical problems. Today, I want to talk to you about the appearance control method of aluminized film in the composite process. The company has been using this method for 18 years to ensure products. the quality of. When it comes to the appearance control method when the aluminized film is composited, the general method now is to increase the competition (usually 2.5g—–3g/square meter), which is related to the above problems, and the competition The larger the value, the greater the internal stress generated by the adhesive during the curing process, and the easier it is to aggravate the transfer of the aluminized layer. At the same time, the appearance of the aluminized film is also closely related to the previous printing process. In reality, many color printing factories have a taste of railway police in their production. In order to reduce the cost, the ink should be used as cheap as possible, which will easily cause trouble to the subsequent compounding process. In order to ensure a good appearance, the composite process only cares about increasing the amount of glue, which causes the transfer of the aluminized layer. In the end, there is no other way, so I have to look for the so-called special glue for aluminum plating… This cycle, the final overall cost can be calculated. Imagine. In some color printing factories, in order to deal with the low-quality and cheap ink purchased, they all print twice when they support the white ink. Aside from printing, from the point of view of lamination alone, to solve the problem of the appearance of aluminized film lamination, it is nothing more than to choose an adhesive with good leveling, choose an anilox roller with the highest possible number of lines, and then determine the corresponding work. Liquid concentration and viscosity, that is, the concentration of the working liquid, the viscosity and the number of lines of the anilox roller are well coordinated, and any one of the three alone cannot solve the appearance problem well. Relying on experience and practice, according to the number and size of white dots, it is judged whether it will disappear after curing. It is too risky to leave the problem to the next curing process! In order to completely solve the problem of composite aluminized film, the company adopts the idea of introducing the differential coating (kiss coating) method to the drying machine. After verification, the effect is really good, and the composite cost can be greatly reduced. That’s why YLTpacking has always been able to produce the best quality plastic bags at the lowest price. If you want to know more about aluminized film packaging bags,

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