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Appearance method of composite aluminum foil bag detection

Detect new items such as metal wire drawing on the bag surface, flatness and clarity inspection, and check whether there are obvious scratches and pinholes, and there is zero pollution in the seal. The actual shape inspection methods are as follows: composite packaging bags, plastic packaging bags, and metal wire drawing inspection on the bag surface. Put the composite aluminum foil bag in the middle of your hand, point to the 40w fluorescent tube and shake it gently. According to the refraction of light on the surface, you can clearly find out whether the surface is scratched or imprinted. Most of the metal wire drawing conditions are caused by the unclean guide rollers that are pulled correctly by the plastic bag making machine. Make sure that the guide rollers are clean. In addition, if the guide roller does not rotate, the composite aluminum foil bag will cause the common failure of metal drawing. Food bags, food packaging bags Flatness inspection. The composite aluminum foil bag is placed on the leveling table alone. If the surface is bent, warped outward or inward, it indicates that the flatness is poor. On the contrary, it indicates that the flatness is excellent, resulting in several reasons for the poor flatness: the temperature of making the bag is high, Destroy the in-situ stress tensile strength of the inner layer; the structure is unscientific, and the thickness of the raw material itself is uneven. Clarity check. Some products are designed without pattern on a large scale, and the clarity inspection method is: extract a finished product bag and observe through the indirect light source in the room. Indicates that the sharpness is poor, and conversely indicates that the sharpness is excellent. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags

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