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Application and promotion analysis of truly environmentally friendly biodegradable PLA stic bags

What is a biodegradable PLA stic bag??Biodegradable PLA stics mean that in a relatively short period of time, PLA stics that can degrade under natural conditions. Why is the popularization of biodegradable PLA stic bags slow at present? What is the reason??Biodegradable PLA stics: PLA stics that can be completely decomposed into low-molecular compounds under the action of microorganisms. It is characterized by convenient storage and transportation. As long as it is kept dry, it does not need to be protected from light. It has a wide range of applications. It can not only be used for agricultural mulch and packaging bags, but also widely used in the field of medicine. With the development of modern biotechnology, biodegradable PLA stics are becoming more and more popular. The more attention it receives, it has become a new generation of research and development hotspot.This new type of biodegradable PLA stic bag can be used in6Begins to break down within a month. To popularize and apply this kind of biodegradable PLA stic bags, two main problems need to be solved first.Reason 1. Cost problem: The price of biodegradable PLA stic raw materials is relatively high, especially compared to those recycled ultra-thin PLA stic bags. Most of the ultra-thin PLA stic bags used in the vegetable market are made of industrial waste, recycled garbage, and even medical infusion needles. They are not only non-degradable, but also extremely unhygienic. The price of this ultra-thin PLA stic bag is very low, which is negligible for small traders, so they have a large amount of use. And a considerable number of supermarkets still provide customers with non-degradable PLA stic bags is also based on reducing business costs.Reason 2. Biodegradable PLA stic bags: There are problems of poor processing performance and poor heat resistance, which affect the processing and shelf life of PLA stic bags.To solve these two problems, research departments and PLA stic bag manufacturers are required to find cheaper raw materials, and at the same time adopt some enhanced mixing technologies or develop some composite materials to improve the performance of biodegradable PLA stics. We look forward to the day This kind of real environmentally friendly PLA stic bags can enter thousands of households in China.

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