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Application fields of fully biodegradable materials

Biotechnological dissolving scientific research materials are widely used in each industry of the company,part of irreplaceable plastic raw materials can be completed. Fully biodegradable materials are accompanied by the improvement of people’s concept of protecting the ecological environment, the continuous reduction of coal resources, biodegradable polymers to replace traditional crude oil-based polymers has become a development trend in the future. Biodegradable packaging bags are not prone to biodegradable material waste after”plastic trash”, the solution of this poorly soluble material creates great technological challenges and also promotes the development trend of biodegradable materials. Biodegradable raw materials are materials that can be decomposed by microorganisms into low molecular structure organic compounds under moderate and descriptive geographical environment standards. Biodegradable porcelain and biodegradable plastics. The most widely used are new building materials, product packaging design materials and materials. Next, we need everyone to understand what the program management industry of biodegradable materials in my country has. 1, The main purpose of the rural economy.The idealized agricultural university material analysis can be used with other biodegradable structural materials and their collaborative cultural and educational upgrading to improve soil materials. . 2, Agricultural film.Traditional plastic films play a major guiding role in assisting the growth and development of crops and improving the harm caused to crop production, but the disadvantage is that the disposal problems after use are very difficult. The compressive strength of the plastic film continued to decrease and the small fragments cracked after the wind and the sun during the overall growth period of the crops. In the soil environment, the small fragments are bent|Soil degradation prevents the growth and development of crop roots and absorbs water, which is scattered by the wind, leading to environmental pollution for social development and environmental improvement. In addition to learning the advantages of traditional plastic film, biodegradable agricultural film is more important that it can be automatically decomposed after use. It can be understood that there is no need to collect, and at the same time, the demand for agricultural fertilizer and water is reasonably reduced, and the cultivation of the next season can be carried out at the same time, which can greatly reduce white waste and reduce the production and operation costs of enterprises. 3, Crop growth and development container.The crop growth and development container is used for planting and transplanting green seedlings, potted flowers, vegetables and fruits and potted plants. If the container is not biodegradable, the container must be removed before transplanting to allow the rhizome to grow quickly. Seedlings are easily damaged and cannot be planted with machinery. Shengwu decomposes plastic containers to protect the rhizomes during planting. Planting and transplanting models with this method can significantly reduce transportation costs, increase the transplanting season, and increase survival rates.

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