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Application of packaging bags in the field of tea

In the previous article, the packaging bag manufacturer told you about the “application of packaging bags in the food industry”. In this article, we will continue to talk about the relevant knowledge of food packaging bags. This article will introduce you to tea packaging bags. my country is the first country in the world to discover and utilize tea, so it is said that my country is rich in tea, and tea packaging bags also occupy a part of the packaging industry. Tea leaves are easily deteriorated by oxygen, temperature, humidity, light and environmental odors. Therefore, when designing tea packaging bags, we need to pay attention to the moisture resistance, oxidation resistance, light shading and high temperature resistance of tea packaging bags. Tea packaging bags are mainly used for packaging tea, and according to the different packaging of tea, the bag type will also be different. Generally, the bag types of tea packaging bags include three-side sealing tea packaging bags, self-supporting tea packaging bags, eight-side sealing zipper bags, middle-sealing organ tea packaging bags, and self-supporting tea packaging bags. After choosing the suitable tea for Chinese tea, how to make it exert the most effect is also a knowledge. Han Chi said: “Different teas have different methods of preservation, brewing and drinking. Therefore, tea packaging is also very particular. Generally speaking, the material used for tea packaging is pure aluminum or aluminum-plated material. This is because Aluminum foil or aluminized materials have good moisture-proof, light-proof, sealing and barrier properties, which are also the conditions that tea preservation needs to meet. Many teas on the market are now packaged in small bags, which we usually call small tea bags.

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