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Application of potato chips packaging bag

People take food as their priority, and potato chip packaging bags are also the most used in many packaging bags. Today, let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of potato chip packaging bags:When designing the packaging bag of potato chips, general customers will require: high barrier properties, high light protection, good oil resistance, good stiffness, and exquisite gravure printing. The usual structure is: BOPP/VMPET/PE,BOPP/VMPET/CPP,BOPP/VMPET/EX-PE/PEetc. structure.Generally speaking, the packaging materials used in potato chips products are composite film packaging bags, which are made of printed layers./Aluminized barrier layer/Heat-sealed layer combined. It can be seen that the aluminum layer is not in direct contact with the food, and is usually in direct contact with some safer plastics. And food packaging, the products of regular enterprises must be certified for safety before they can be eaten with confidence.Generally, this type of product itself has a relatively large amount of oil, which is more afraid of oxidation, such as the haram flavor of oil. In order to ensure the shelf life of the product, the barrier properties of the packaging material are usually relatively high. Aluminum is a material recognized by the whole world with excellent ductility and barrier properties. Therefore, it is widely used in the field of food packaging.If the potato chip bag is placed under the light, fluorescent bright spots will be visible to the naked eye under the light. The fluorescent whitening agent has a radiation effect on the human body and even causes cancer. If it penetrates into the food, or enters the human body through the mouth, skin, etc., it will have an impact on health. Excessive content of potato chips bags will also cause harm to the human body.Because the packaging bag of potato chips needs an inflatable body when using it, just to extend the shelf life,Ensure that food does not spoil.There is oxygen in the air,Oxidative deterioration of food. Nitrogen is the most commonly used protective gas,Does not react with other substances under normal conditions,So it is very suitable as an inflatable packaging.Carbon dioxide does not oxidize food,Although it is an acid gas, it is not very good,However, for dry solid foods,Still much better than oxygen. Most of the reasons for the damage of the packaging bag are caused by external force extrusion, and the uneven force causes it to wrinkle, which further leads to damage.The above are some of the characteristics of potato chip packaging bags. I hope it will help you and let you know more about potato chip packaging bags. Our company18Over the years, we have been specializing in the production of potato chip packaging bags, and have very rich experience in the plastic packaging industry. We sincerely welcome customers to visit our factory!

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