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Application scope and characteristics of automatic packaging roll film

PKT film is used as the base material of medical devices, precision instruments, tapes, video tapes and movie clips. It can also be made into stretch films for packaging of various products, aluminum plating or PVDC coating, and then compounded with other resins with good heat sealing performance. Common ones are Polyester/polyethylene, polyester/foil/polyethylene, etc. are mostly used for cooking bags, gas filling packaging and automatic packaging of liquid tubes; Polyester/vinyl acetate copolymer, polyacrylate/unstretched polypropylene, polyester/cellophane/polyethylene, polyester/vinylon/polyethylene, polyester/paper/polyethylene, polyester/paper/aluminum foil/polyethylene, etc. are respectively used for packaging food, broth, steamed and boiled food, frozen food, rice cakes, and pickles according to different characteristics. Because PET has high crystallinity and poor processing type, it generally needs to be modified. PET properties can be modified by adding one or two kinds of ethylene glycol and dibasic acid. These additives can generally reduce the crystallinity of PET and improve the melt strength, thus making it easier to shape. Ethylene glycol modified PET is a kind of copolyester produced in this reaction process, which is usually used in packaging^ It is a copolymer produced by the reaction of cyclohexanedimethanol with ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. It is characterized by high strength, hardness and integrity at low temperatures. It is amorphous, even if processed into thick profiles, it is also opaque

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