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Are good tea leaves packed in kraft paper bags(what are the advantages of using kraft paper bags for tea packaging)

Tea belongs to the category of dry products. When it is affected by humidity, it is very easy to deteriorate, and the fragrance of tea will also volatilize. Because under the action of moisture, oxygen, light, temperature and humidity, etc., the microorganisms in the tea will become restless, resulting in chemical reactions. Are good tea leaves packed in kraft paper??However, paper packaging can well regulate the occurrence of this reaction.Green tea kraft paper bag packagingReducing costs without compromising safety and quality is what every businessman seeks most, and tea packaging pays attention to being qualified and safe. The best choice for tea packaging materials to meet the above points is kraft paper!A layer of paper gray board or aluminum foil is added to the inside of the tea packaging box made of kraft paper, which is not only simple and durable in appearance, but also has good internal flexibility and sealing, and is also very strong.Kraft paper black tea seal bagWhat are the advantages of kraft paper packaging for tea?The price of packaging bags made of kraft paper may be slightly more expensive than plastic packaging, but its non-toxic, odorless, and non-polluting advantages are enough to kill any packaging material. Now all walks of life and fields are using kraft paper bags to pack products, and there are many kinds.In addition to these advantages, the unique waterproof and wet function of kraft paper is one of the important factors for the use of kraft paper for tea packaging. Tea easily absorbs moisture in the air and deteriorates due to moisture, and packaging with kraft paper can just prevent this.

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