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Aseptic packaging bags container sterilization methods

Aseptic packaging bags container sterilization methods

Aseptic packaging bags sterilization method mainly has four ways: heat sterilization, sterilization, sterilization by ultraviolet radiation, radiation sterilization.

  1. Heat sterilization

With a temperature of 130 ℃ ~ 160 ℃ superheated steam injection in sterilizing packaging container, in a few seconds to complete sterilization operation. Heating sterilization has the advantages of non-toxic, no residue of harmful substances, but is only applicable to heat-resistant containers, such as metal containers, glass containers, so that the application is currently not a lot. 

  1. The reagent sterilization

In terms of microbial killing effect and harmless to the human body chemicals for sterilization operation, general can choose hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), such as ethanol. Hydrogen peroxide for sterilization of packaging materials of strong adaptability, high security, is the current aseptic packaging container sterilization adopts the most agents.

  1. The ultraviolet sterilization

After ultraviolet ray can make microbial cells absorb ultraviolet light, the chemical composition change inside the cell, make the cytoplasm degeneration and death. This method of sterilization can be carried out at room temperature, good cost performance, high security, very suitable for sterilization packaging materials, including wavelength ultraviolet sterilization ability in 250-260 – mm strongest. But UV vulnerable to the effects of surface roughness, and sterilizing effect on different bacteria also has bigger difference.

  1. Ray sterilization

With Co60 radiation gamma process at room temperature, strong penetrating power, sterilization high reliability. The sterilization method is of high cost, but the method is effective and safe.

Have to take into account the different container packaging materials, food, packing, price requirements and characteristics of various sterilization methods, etc when choosing packaging container sterilization method. The sterilization method can also be combined, in order to achieve better sterilization effect. Such as cartons with epoxy ethane sterilizing, filling before daub hydrogen peroxide, then heating dry; Plastic bags shape container often USES ultraviolet sterilization and sterilization combination pharmacy.

Here are a variety of suitable for aseptic packaging bags:

1)Aluminum foil bags

Aluminum foil bags22.10.18 Aluminum foil bags22.10.18 (2)

2) Vacuum bags

Vacuum bags22.10.18

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