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Attention should be paid to the use of vacuum food packaging bags!

The following points should be paid attention to when using the food vacuum bag: Do not let sharp objects scratch it. It is best to operate it on the bed or on a clean desktop. If there are hard objects such as buttons and zippers in the stored items, please fold them inside. Put it back in the storage bag. Clothes, quilts and other items should be placed in the bag as much as possible, at least 3-5 cm away from the sealing zipper. Do not force large items into the bag. It is necessary to ensure the hygiene of the sealing zipper part. If fibers and dust enter, the sealing function will be reduced. It is recommended to clean the zipper with water-dipped gauze and then close the zipper. When using the air pump, screw the screw port of the pump to the end, and pay attention to the bag before and after inflation. Press the red rubber gasket against the air outlet to ensure that there is no air leakage at the interface. Usually, a large bag needs to be pumped for 3 to 5 minutes, and it will take about three to five hundred times to have a significant flattening appearance. After pumping, please check the seal again to ensure it is sealed. [Food Packaging] Vacuum Packaging Bags, Tea Packaging Bags

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