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What is Laminated bag material?

What is Laminated bag material? A material which is composed of multiple layers of different materials which are joined together to form a single sheet. The component layers are using glue laminating together. The objective of combining different materials together is to create a new material with a combination of properties not available from any […]

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Food packaging bag material composition and performance profile

Food packaging bag material composition and performance profile Due to the limitations of a single material, so far, most food packaging bags using two or more layers of composite materials. The scientific and reasonable use of multi-layer materials composite or with, can produce different comprehensive performance, can meet the packaging requirements of almost all kinds of food. Here, the professional production of […]

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Spout pouch material requirements and functions

Spout pouch material requirements and functions The Spout pouch refers to the self-reliance bags, bags with suction nozzle can be closed and reopened again.Can be thought of as self-supporting bag with normal suction nozzle plus the combination of the packet.Adopts the new printing process, highlight the pattern design and brand effect, which could make the shelves of high-grade products more outstanding […]

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What is the difference betwee compound paper bag and other paper bag?

What is the difference betwee compound paper bag and other paper bag? Most cowhide compound bag for carrying on market, light and light for the purpose, but often ignore the quality of the leather compound bag, sometimes start with also think you can, but most of the water, or containing items after extrusion, easy to deformation, damage. Appear these phenomenon is one of the most important […]

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The comparison of aluminum foil vacuum bags and nylon vacuum bags

The comparison of aluminum foil vacuum bags and nylon vacuum bags Vacuum bag has been a popular series of packaging, and more and more products need to be packaged in vacuum bag. Products packaged in vacuum bags have a longer shelf life and safer packaging than ordinary products. There are two kinds of packaging: aluminum foil vacuum bag and nylon vacuum bag, Today we will introduce the difference between the aluminum foil vacuum bag and nylon vacuum bag. 1: Material: The material of aluminum foil vacuum bag is aluminum foil with silver color. Nylon vacuum bag is made of nylon PA/PE.Aluminum foil material can avoid light and with high temperature resistan. It can be used as high temperature cooking bags, aluminum foil material don’t have transparent effect, nylon can only be […]

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The causes for the leakage of flexible packaging products

The causes for the leakage of flexible packaging products Leakage of packaging products generally have two kinds: one kind is the result of the design and the reason of the structure, both of them are nevitably, which could change the design and structure of the packaging products to solve the problems; Another kind is due to the packaging products produced in the process of manufacturing, transportation and […]

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The reasons for leakage of soft packaging products

The reasons for leakage of soft packaging products Leakage of packaging products generally have two kinds: one kind is the result of the design and the reason of the structure itself inevitably leak, the leak by changing the design and structure of the packaging products to solve problems;Another kind is due to the packaging products produced in the process of manufacturing, transportation and other defects caused […]

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What material is better to make vacuum packaging bags?

What material is better to make vacuum packaging bags? What is vacuum packaging bags? Vacuum packing bags, put the product and into airtight containers, removing air inside the container, so achieve a predetermined degree of vacuum in the container after sealing a packaging method. Also known as decompression vacuum packaging, the packaging container is air sealed inside all out to maintain the bag in a high vacuum state, scarce air hypoxia equivalent effect, no microorganisms living conditions, keep the food to fresh. How to choose the material for vacuum packaging bags? PET– printing effect, PA — low oxygen permeability,  AL– strong barrier, opacity,  PE — inner Material and can touch the food directly  PA/PE — It can withstand 120 ℃ high temperature cooking Laminated material structure: PET/PE PET/CPP PA/PE PET/PA/AL/PE Using the vacuum bag range has been infiltrated into all sectors now. Whether in the supermarket or the market always can see all kinds of food vacuum packaging. It is wide range of uses. Mainly used for food. Vacuum packaging bags […]

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Aseptic packaging bags container sterilization methods

Aseptic packaging bags container sterilization methods Aseptic packaging bags sterilization method mainly has four ways: heat sterilization, sterilization, sterilization by ultraviolet radiation, radiation sterilization. Heat sterilization With a temperature of 130 ℃ ~ 160 ℃ superheated steam injection in sterilizing packaging container, in a few seconds to complete sterilization operation. Heating sterilization has the advantages of non-toxic, no residue of harmful […]

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Difference between pure aluminum material and aluminized foil material

Difference between pure aluminum material and aluminized foil material Aluminum foil material has a vacuum effect, so aluminum foil bag’s main parts is made of plastic flexible packaging. Aluminum foil pouch of the material can be divided into pure aluminium and aluminium pouch, the similarities of these two  bags contain aluminum. But in the manufacturing process is a little different.Now Let me show you the difference. pure aluminum material […]