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Automatic packaging roll film is used in daily life

Fully automatic packaging roll film is the most widely used material in the packaging industry, covering food, toys, industry and other industries. It is encountered in all kinds of food and daily necessities purchased in daily life. The size and style of the automatic wrapping film is customized according to the needs. Friends who like to drink tea most commonly use various types of tea packaging. In addition to cans and boxes, the most popular is the packaging roll film, which is convenient, environmentally friendly and practical. Snack fans may be able to see all kinds of packaging roll film plastic packaging bags at home, which are divided into plastic ones, and some are only mixed with paper and plastic. The most common packaging for dog food purchased by people who have puppies at home is in bags. The most commonly used packaging for rice is plastic. Compared with other packaging, plastic is more moisture-proof, more durable, and can be used for a longer period of time. Our most common dumpling packaging is all the outer packaging of automatic packaging roll film, and most of the inner trays are made of blister.

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