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Basic conditions for bonding of aluminum foil bags

As one of the auxiliary materials for the production and processing of flexible packaging composite materials, the adhesive must have the following conditions: 1. It has good fluidity, and can be easily and evenly distributed on the surface of the entire composite substrate, fill up the concave and convex parts of the surface, and form a uniform adhesive film on the entire surface of the adhesive. 2. In order to make the adhesive fully infiltrate the bonded object, the adhesive is usually a fluid containing a lot of solvent or water during bonding. In order to strengthen the bonding strength, it is necessary to solidify the main bonding substances through the evaporation of solvent or water. 3. It has good wettability. When the fluid dynamic adhesive drops contact with the surface of the bonded solid, it completely wets the surface of the bonded substrate when it contacts the surface of the bonded substrate, Solidify it through physical and chemical action to firmly link the adherends together

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