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Basic knowledge of aluminum foil bag packaging roll film

Recently, the customer produced a batch of moon cake aluminum foil packaging roll film. The customer only needs to print, compound, cure, etc., without cutting, and use an automatic packaging machine for packaging, so only the packaging roll film is required, which is also very widely in the market. , it can ensure the safety of food and prolong the storage period of food, from cling film to various food packaging films, it plays a great role in people’s lives. The wide use of food packaging film is due to its role in protecting food, maintaining food freshness, preventing bacteria, dust, etc., and extending the shelf life of food, and it is convenient to package and easy to circulate. Food packaging film is used in a huge amount in daily life, which is a big market. Its environmental protection and health are also the most promising packaging directions. In the future packaging industry, more and more packaging methods like packaging film will appear. Food packaging films can be roughly divided into five categories: photocatalytic inorganic antibacterial agent films, natural and polymer antibacterial agent films, composite antibacterial agent films, inorganic antibacterial agent films, and organic antibacterial agent films. Each type of film has its own different material composition and use. For specific information, please refer to Baidu Encyclopedia. The packaging materials used in food packaging films on the market today are mainly polyethylene (PE or LDPE), polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Their standards and usage are different. The first two materials are non-toxic and harmless. PVC has a certain impact on human health and needs our attention. The national standards for food packaging films are: GB/T4456-1996 “Polyethylene Blown Film for Packaging”, GB12025-1989 “High Density Polyethylene Blown Film”, QB/T2461-1999 “Degradable Polyethylene Film for Packaging” “, GB9683-1988 “Hygienic Standard for Composite Food Packaging Bags”, GB9687-1988 “Hygienic Standard for Polyethylene Molded Products for Food Packaging”, GB9688-1988 “Hygienic Standard for Polypropylene Molded Products for Food Packaging”, etc. There are also various ways to use the packaging film. The packaging film is colorless, transparent and odorless. It is used in supermarkets or shopping malls after being produced in the workshop. It is used to package vegetables, fruits and other bulk commodities. Foods packaged with packaging films are both good-looking and healthy, such as fruit packaging films. , Vegetable packaging film, etc. This article is edited and organized by

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