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Basic knowledge of fully degradable garbage bags

At present, degradable garbage bags play a particularly important role in green ecological environmental protection, and even help in the recycling and classification of waste. Let’s explain the basic knowledge of fully biodegradable garbage bags.The degradable garbage bag is made of green tapioca starch, carboxymethyl cellulose, sodium alginate or agricultural and agricultural by-products as raw materials, and is fermented or melted by microorganisms to generate microbial strain-degradable polymers. Plastics containing low-molecular-weight compounds can be produced under the action of microorganisms. The characteristics of degradable garbage bags are simple storage and transportation, and the microbial fiber material has a wide range of applications. It can be used for agricultural machinery, plastics, plastics, plastic films, and packaging bags. With the rapid development of various industries, degradable garbage bags are more and more popular. welcome and will replace traditional plastic garbage bags.Degradable garbage bags are generally made of animal corn stalks and tapioca starch as raw materials. After replacement, they can be independently generated under the action of the geographical environment of microbial strains such as sunlight and water. Degradable garbage bags have high application standards, are washable and heat sealable. This packaging plastic bag is used in restaurants and other aspects, daily cleaning services, and is easy to use.In terms of quality, the degradable garbage bags have good tensile strength, strong tensile strength, high flexibility and good hand feeling. It is a very good packaging bag plastic bag. In addition, degradable garbage bags have good efficacy against dust.

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