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Biodegradable bag home PLA nt protector

For ornamental PLA nts, temperature is a very important factor. For the flowers to bloom normally in spring, the right temperature is essential. Biodegradable bags work wonders.1: Self-made greenhouseLike rhododendrons, the room temperature in winter is required to be controlled at15degrees, not less than5Only in this way can we ensure that the flowers will bloom on time in the coming year. The number of flowers raised in a family is not many, and it is impractical to build a special greenhouse. At this time, we can use biodegradable bags to make a greenhouse. 1, PLA ce the flowers in a sunny spot, and wrap a biodegradable bag over the PLA nt. 2, Pay attention to untie the biodegradable bag every two days or so to let the PLA nts breathe, or you can pierce a few small holes in the biodegradable bag to achieve a breathable effect.Two: save water-deficient PLA ntsWe can use biodegradable bags cleverly to save some PLA nts that are extremely short of water and are about to die. For these PLA nts, watering cannot be done immediately, otherwise the root system will die easily. 1, Spray some water on the surface of water-deficient PLA nts, not too much 2, Prick a few small holes in the biodegradable bag, and then spray some water on the surface of the bag 3, wrap the whole PLA nt in a biodegradable bag and PLA ce it in a cool and ventilated PLA ce, waiting for the PLA nt to recover slowly 4, in about a week or so, the PLA nt has successfully recovered itself, at which point the bag can be removed.

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