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Biodegradable bag manufacturers provide you with kitchen waste solutions

The disposal of kitchen waste is a headache. Now the country is promoting garbage classification. Composting biodegradable garbage bags and kitchen waste together is a feasible solution.Composting is generally divided into industrial composting and household composting. Composting is a scientific method for processing and utilizing organic waste. Under appropriate temperature, humidity, and the use of a variety of microorganisms, polymers are degraded by temperature and humidity before biodegradation. The molecular chain is constantly broken, and then it can be hydrolyzed into monomer lactic acid, and lactic acid can become the nutrient expected by microorganisms, and the degradation can100%Finish.At present, garbage classification is carried out across the country. Kitchen waste accounts for a high proportion of domestic waste, and kitchen waste collected in biodegradable garbage bags can be treated with composting. Food packaging films, shopping bags, food trays, and takeaway lunch boxes in the kitchen can all be degraded together with the leftovers. There is no need to sort and fill PLA stic waste in the kitchen waste that is full of oil, salt, sauce and vinegar and has a unique smell. Bury, burn.

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