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Biodegradable bag manufacturers tell you how to choose shopping bags after PLA stic ban?

Environmental pollution is a global problem. Some countries have implemented PLA stic bans, and ordinary PLA stic bags have to withdraw from the market. Biodegradable bag manufacturers analyze for you how to choose shopping bags after PLA stic ban?Shopping malls and supermarkets are the main PLA ces for the application of biodegradable vest bags. Biodegradable vest bags can fill the gap in the market for ordinary PLA stic bags, and their biodegradable properties also meet the PLA stic ban regulations. Because environmental pollution needs a long time to be treated, while the treatment is being done while polluting the environment, such a vicious circle should be avoided. Therefore, many countries have issued laws and regulations to ban PLA stics, and PLA stic bags bear the brunt of it. It is closely related to daily life, and it is everywhere in life. figure. Because of this, it is necessary to find a product to re PLA ce it, which can not only meet the requirements of daily use, but also degrade and meet the requirements of environmental protection. The biodegradable vest bag meets the requirements of people’s daily use, and the raw materials are PLA +PBATThe polymerized degradable polymer material also meets environmental protection requirements.none

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