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Biodegradable bags are environmentally friendly and practical

closely related to our daily life” PLA stic bag”It provides irre PLA ceable convenience for our lives, but with the increasing white pollution of PLA stics, PLA stic bags, a PLA stic product with huge daily consumption, have encountered unprecedented contradictory problems. Now I have become the target of public criticism for pollution, and the people have already relied on it, so the biodegradable bag that is both environmentally friendly and convenient has become the only way to solve the current problem.very important feature that distinguishes it from ordinary PLA stic bags is that it is degradable, which is also a major selling point of biodegradable bags. As the name suggests, biodegradation is to decompose the material of PLA stic, let it come back to where it came from, this process is simple to say, but the real research and development has already started since the invention of PLA stic, which spans more than one year. A problem that has PLA gued countless scientists in the century. Ordinary PLA stic bags are made of ordinary polyethylene blow molding, which are light and durable to use. However, most of the products produced by the common PLA stic degradation technology on the market are re PLA ced by other easily degradable materials. Vinyl, so the product usually has poor texture, heavy weight, and poor performance.

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