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Biodegradable bags are suitable for electronic and electrical packaging

Biodegradable bags are currently applicable to a wide range of fields, and are also very suitable for packaging in the electronic and electrical industries. Maybe you are worried about whether the biodegradable bag will be degraded in advance, especially if the electrical appliances are degraded before they are sold.The degradation of biodegradable bags needs a specific environment to degrade. It needs temperature, humidity, and certain microorganisms to degrade. It can be stored under natural conditions for a shelf life of one year. After the shelf life, it does not mean that it will be degraded immediately. , but the physical properties of the material are reduced. The packaging of electronic appliances is generally stored dry and sealed, so there is relatively no degradation condition.To sum up, there is no need to worry about premature degradation of biodegradable bags for packaging bags in the electronic and electrical industry.

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