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Biodegradable bags have no hidden dangers in the use of ordinary PLA stic bags

Biodegradable bags are also a kind of PLA stic bags, but they are better. Why? Wait a minute; you use PLA stic bags every day, but can you really use them all the time?A group of media reporters also did a test. Recently, a reporter from Wuhan collected information from vegetable markets, cake shops, bun shops, work canteens, roadside stalls, and PLA stic bag wholesale markets.50Multiple samples were sent to Wuhan Quality Inspection Institute, and the testing experts selected them30samples.The detection is strictly in accordance with the national heavy metal(In terms of lead)Standards for detection methods, standards for detection methods for vinyl chloride monomer, and standards for detection methods for PLA sticizers. According to national standards, PLA stic bags shall be classified and managed. PLA sticizers and vinyl chloride monomers shall not be detected in food PLA stic bags, and the content of heavy metal lead per kilogram shall not exceed1mg. But in actual testing,30of the samples11 PLA sticizers were detected in samples, including6Two PLA sticizers were detected in each sample,5samples detected1A PLA sticizer.According to inspection experts, the above-mentioned inspected PLA stic bags are in direct contact with food materials, and phthalate PLA sticizer substances, including the above-mentioned detected PLA sticizers, will precipitate from the surface of the PLA stic bags during use. If cooked food is packaged, the PLA sticizer will precipitate more due to the temperature rise, and the human body will ingest it through contact with the ingredients or food in the bag, which will cause greater harm to human health.

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